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The edge of civilization moves in many directions at once. When beginnings find their ends, history repeats itself. Frontier Forever is committed to documenting the cyclical conflicts between nature, humanity, and technology. Old Earth mythologies foretold the Great Expansion and Machine Enslavement, and by remembering the lessons of our collective past, we’re less likely to repeat our mistakes.

The most important thing about history is making it. Please support our mission to bring more cautionary science fiction books and comics to Earths like yours.

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Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

Our three most frequently asked questions, all unanswerable due to the nature of the embargo. The process of elimination does work, it’s a matter of deducing the options.

What is the embargo?

The Great Liberation ended millennia of suffering, but resuming control over the universe was difficult. Life amongst the stars wasn’t possible without the technological reparations the machine race had granted them, but living alongside the AI that had held them captive was a painful. Naturalist sects formed conflict arose as they fought for dominance, but fortunately, a handful of noble leaders had the foresight to protect humanity’s homeworld by establishing Earth’s Board of Trustees.

The board enacted the embargo to protect the garden planet from the ravages of technology. The legislation itself is constantly evolving and its implications vary based on location. Its effects include but are not limited to blocking transmissions, banning information, prohibiting materials and devices.

What is Earth like now?

Great question. Officially, commercial access to the planet was halted millennia ago. There are still massive corporate sponsorships that create a luxury economy inside the hermetically sealed bubble, but paid subscribership was no longer a public option. Everything planetside is done with Natural Order in mind, but hardly resembles Old Earth. Demand for the holy planet is high enough universally that lives on high quality replicas are an affordable alternative for many.

What is Natural Order?

Wars have been fought in hopes of defining Natural Order, and the victors famously said, “The most powerful thing in the universe.” Conceptually, it’s the all encompassing web of cause and effect that our universe is woven from. Most denominational definitions are built upon Charles Darwin’s idea of natural selection and survival of the fittest, but how it grows from there is hotly debated. We at Frontier Forever take no exclusive stance on the issue.

What is Frontier Forever?

The evolution of culture and politics can be no better encapsulated than it has been on Earth; either as it was on Old Earth or as it is under embargo. Recurring themes highlight triumphs and struggles that the human race continues to encounter, and our team of storytellers use mixed media to preserve those histories. We cannot continue to produce these books without your support.


1) a boundary region between developed territory and wilderness
2) a new field for exploitative or developmental activity
3) a line of division between different or opposed things

Our mission to document the conflict between man, nature and technology is pursuant of Natural Order, and the Frontier Forever staff considers itself compliant with the legal provisions given them. We apologize for disruptions our compliance often has on our service but they are unavoidable. Rules and regulations vary between jurisdictions and you are responsible for knowing prohibitions relevant to your existence.

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1947 OE — present day

  • September 4, 1947 – Paul J Werbos is born.

  • January 1, 1974 – Werbos publishes Beyond Regression: New Tools for Prediction and Analysis in the Behavioral Science. Using applied mathematics to emulate biological neurology, he outlines the basis for all machine learning and earns the title, father of the backpropagation of errors.

  • September 4, 2039 – Dr. Werbos introduces the first functional Computer-Brain interface. Labor is revolutionized overnight and the economy collapses.

  • January 1, 2040 – The United Services corporation is registered with the International Business Council as a nationless taxable entity.

  • September 4, 2049 – Dr. Paul J Werbos delivers his farewell address at the Frontier Forever stadium and is never seen again.

  • September 4, 2698 – Launch of the USi Morning Star, the first interstellar colony ship. Construction took over 100 years in orbit around Titan, but the pinnacle of human engineering was the official start of The Great Expansion.

  • September 4, 2955 – The Werbian consciousness that had been lurking inside humanity’s AI announced its sentience. For a time, things were good. The Great Expansion accelerated as machines took the reigns.

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